About the 2011 NCLS

All Australian churches were invited to take part in the fifth nationwide survey of churchgoers in 2011 – the National Church Life Survey.

The NCLS Research team who conduct the survey is an ecumenical body that aims to provide evidence-based results to help churches connect with the wider community.

The survey took place in a variety of forms across Australian churches in the second half of 2011, the same year as the National Census.

Over 20 denominations due to participate

Denominations from every State and Territory in Australia, representing most Australian church attenders, have signed up for the 2011 National Church Life Survey.

Each denomination has a survey month

From September to November, each denomination is allocated a survey month. Churches can complete the survey anytime in their allocated survey month.

Churches sign up at my.ncls.org.au

Church can register their participation in the 2011 National Church Life Survey, update their details and order surveys at myncls.org.au. Alternatively, they can contact their Regional Co-ordinator.

Base cost $200 per church/parish + $1 per survey form ordered

Churches can order a Standard Survey at a base cost or include add-on surveys for children, youth and community contacts at extra costs.

  • Goals for 2011 NCLS

    The 2011 NCLS aims to help churches:
    - grow their vitality
    - build effective and sustainable leadership
    - connect with their communities.

  • Benefits of taking part

    Churches who participate in NCLS surveys can receive integrated sets of resources in building:
    - church vitality
    - effective and sustainable leadership
    - connections with their communities.

  • 10 reasons to participate

    1. Hear all the voices in your church
    2. Take stock of your church’s health
    3. Build on your strengths
    4. Find out your leadership strengths
    5. Be part of something big

  • Endorsements for NCLS Research

    "I cannot imagine writing or speaking about the state of the Christian Church in Australian without drawing on the work of NCLS... “ Prof Tom Frame