2011 Leader Survey

We invite you to join thousands of church leaders—ordained, lay, paid, volunteer—across the country in the largest and longest running survey on church life in the world. The goal of the 2011 NCLS Leader Survey is to support the development of effective and sustainable leadership in churches.

It is for anyone involved in significant leadership within a congregation/parish including:

  • the most senior leader (at minimum),
  • the person most involved with this congregation (if in a team leaders who contribute significant time to leadership here (eg 1 day a week),
  • leaders who contribute significantly to setting directions.

What you will need to start: your personal NCLS Log In and your NCLS Church Code

NCLS Log In: To complete the 2011 NCLS Survey Leaders Survey online, you will need to use your existing NCLS Log In or create a new one. (Paper copies of the Leader Survey were also sent to participating churches.)

NCLS Church Code: You will also need your NCLS Church Code, which will be located in the package of survey forms you receive if your church is participating in 2011 NCLS Survey.

If you have not created a login at the NCLS website, please Create A Login.

If you have created a login, sign in to complete the survey.

This is an extensive survey. Please feel free to do it at your own pace any time during the month that your local church is taking part.

Your Results: Anonymous and Confidential

No information that identifies you personally will be provided to your congregation or denomination.

After the survey period is completed, and results are processed, you will be able to use your Log In to access your personal results online along with resources to support you in your role and help you thrive in leadership.

NCLS Research will notify your church when results are ready for individuals.