NCLS Plus Optional Add-on Surveys

In 2011 churches may choose to add one or all of these surveys to their standard survey.

1. Children's Survey - for church attenders attenders aged 8-14

  • Surveys children about their experience of the church and their involvement

2. Youth Survey - for young people who connect with the church

  • Surveys adolescents and young adults (possibly online) re church involvement, religious practice and spirituality

3. Community Contacts Survey - for those who seldom attend church, but connect to the church in other ways - playgroup, mainly music, aged visitation, soup kitchen and so on

  • Surveys adults who do not usually attend for their opinion and experience of the church, religion, spirituality, etc.

These surveys produce Profiles of each group, giving the church valuable pastoral tools for connecting with these specific groups.

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Customised questions for regions and denominations:

Some denominations have also customised the survey form, by providing their own specific questions to their churches.

Rural Churches offer:

A customisable offer is also available to regions with a significant number of small, rural churches. Rather than paying full price and gaining a Church Life Pack for every church, regions can nominate a group of small, rural churches and receive one overview Profile for the whole group, at a discounted rate. This ensure the voices of rural church attenders remain part of the regional and national survey results, but in a cost effective way.


NCLS Plus Brochure

A brochure about additional survey options available in the 2011 NCLS.