Children's Survey
Hearing the voices of attenders aged 8 to 14.

The Children's Survey, for regular church attenders aged 8-14, is designed to ask children about their experience of the church and their involvement in it.

Understanding the perceptions and discernment of younger attenders can be key factor in helping a church retain its young people through their teenage years and integrating them into their adult congregation in future. Young adult retention is a crucial area of building vitality for the future of a church.

If your church ordered Children’s Surveys they will be included in your Survey Pack.

The Children’s Survey is a paper survey to be completed by children at any activity at church, during your survey month. It can be completed in a church service alongside the adult attender survey or during a separate children’s activity such as Sunday school, Kids club etc.

Instructions are provided, to read to children, and to help explain the purpose and the process for completing a survey form.

Confidentiality envelopes are included, for collection of surveys upon completion. As with all attenders, we ask church leaders not to read completed survey forms in order to protect the confidentiality of participating children.

Churches who order Children's surveys will receive a summary report of results around April 2012.