How Local Churches Can Sign Up for 2011 NCLS

Thank you for choosing to participate in the 2011 NCLS. We hope the survey is a useful tool to serve your local church’s mission and ministry. Your involvement will also benefit the wider church – dioceses, regions, territories, states and denominations – as they support building the Church across the nation.

There are three ways to order 2011 NCLS survey forms:

Option 1: Work with your NCLS Regional Co-ordinator

In most cases a network of NCLS Regional Co-ordinators will communicate with local churches, and provide oversight of survey orders and payment arrangements for your denomination, state or region/diocese. Many regions are providing partial or full subsidies. These Regional Co-ordinators have been identified by participating denominations for NCLS Research to liaise with.

Please contact your Regional Co-ordinator to confirm your local church interest and the preferred method of ordering surveys.

In some cases, NCLS Research will liaise directly with local churches. If you are unsure if your church has a Regional Co-ordinator please contact NCLS Research.

To view a listing of Regional Co-ordinators click here.

Unless otherwise negotiated, invoices will be initially sent to Regional Co-ordinators, with details of local church orders, at the end of the survey ordering phase.  (See Calendar).

Option 2: Order online using your NCLS Admin Key

Local churches have been sent a unique Admin Key to administer their church’s details. Regional Co-ordinators can also view these orders.

To use your NCLS Admin Key to order survey forms click here.

Option 3: Use a 2011 NCLS Survey Order Form

You can download a Survey Information and Order Form to print and post or to email.

Post to: NCLS Research, Locked Bag 2002, Strathfield, NSW, 2135.
Email to:

Regional Co-ordinators may also use these Order Forms with their churches. They will be able to view all orders online.


2011 NCLS Survey Information & Order Form