Standard Church Life Survey Pack:

The base cost per church/ parish is $200 plus $1 per Attender survey form ordered. The standard National Church Life Survey includes the Attender Survey, the Leaders Survey and the Operations Survey. This price includes a ‘Church Life Pack' of resources sent to each church/ parish showing their Survey findings.

NCLS Plus: Optional add-on surveys

Additional survey options are available for local churches who are taking part in the stardard Church Life Survey in 2011. After the 2011 NCLS, these optional survyes will be available more widely.

Childrens Survey:

$1 per Children's Survey form ordered. A paper survey for church attenders aged under 15 years of age (aimed at ages 8-14). This is in addition to the base cost of $200 for the standard survey kit.

NCLS Youth Plus Survey:

$50 per 100 participants (or part thereof), An online survey for young people who have some connection to the local church (they may or may not attend Sunday services).

NCLS Community Contacts Survey:

$50 per 100 participants (or part thereof). An online survey hosted by a local church. For people in contact with the local church but who are not regular attenders eg they have some connection to the local church through playgroup, community meals ministry, mainly music program, aged visitation, friends or relatives attend the church etc.


Should an entire Region participate in the survey, then all local churches in that Region will receive a 20% discount on the charge for the Survey.

Regions that are primarily composed of small and very small local churches (e.g. some rural Regions) may apply to NCLS Research for a special pricing structure, which, while based on local churches, will be calculated at a regional level.