Timeline for completion and return

Survey Completion:

The National Church Life Survey will be conducted over the months of September, October and November 2011.

Each participating denomination will be given one of these months as their survey month. Participating local churches will conduct the Survey within that month, at times that is most suitable for them.

Churches will return their completed questionnaires to NCLS Research as soon as possible after completion, but certainly within a calendar month.

Find your survey month

Click here to see a list of denominations and associated survey months

Denomination Survey Groups

This is a broad summary of the three denominational groupings. However please check here for final arrangements with your denomination and region.

September — Group 1

Baptist Churches, C3 Churches (CCC), Christian Missionary Alliance,  Christian Reformed Churches, Congregational Churches, Grace Communion, Lutheran Church

October — Group 2

Churches of Christ (Qld/ACT), Presbyterian Church, Salvation Army, Seventh-day Adventist.

November — Group 3

Anglican Church, Catholic Church, Uniting Church, Apostolic Churches, Australian Christian Churches (AOG), Bethesda, Brethren, Christian Life Churches, Churches of Christ (Vic/Tas/NSW/SA/WA/NT), Christian Outreach Centres, CRC Churches,
Foursquare Churches, Vineyard Fellowship, Wesleyan Methodist, Church of the Nazarene, Independent churches, House churches, and other movements.

Return of results:

NCLS Research will aim to return Church Life Profile packs to Regional Coordinators, or local churches, during winter 2012 (June to August).

NCLS Research will aim to return the confidential findings from the Leadership Survey to individual leaders during spring of 2012 (September to November).

NCLS Research will return the findings from the three optional add-on surveys to churches online during 


winter 2012 (June to August).