2011 NCLS serves regions and denominations

NCLS is a cooperative project between over 20 Christian denominations and movements in Australia.

The NCLS team works with around 100 Regional Coordinators in each State, Diocese, Conference and Territory to coordinate the survey.

The valuable research completed by churches would not be possible without these 100 Coordinators. As we enter the 2011 survey season we say thank you to those who make this venture possible.

  • How regions and denominations benefit

    Regions, Diocese and Denominations can steward resources wisely and allocate ministry staff strategically across regions, using NCLS overview reports and maps. They can review change over time in churches and monitor the wellbeing of leaders. More...

  • Timeline and milestones

    The survey will occur from September to November 2011. Each denomination will be allocated a survey month.
    Regions are advised to encourage their churches to register their participation as soon as possible. More...

  • Offer for rural churches

    Regions with a high proportion of small rural and remote churches can contact NCLS Research to discuss the most cost effective ways to include rural churches in the survey.

  • Online administration for your region

    Regional coordinators can go to my.ncls.org.au and use the online system to administer their region. They can update details of churches, create new churches or merge and close others. They can also order surveys and review the whole region.