How regions and denominations can make the most of the 2011 NCLS

The National Church Life Survey produces regional and denominational Church Life Profiles compiling their results into one overall summary report. This is a key executive summary to be used for strategic planning and provision of resources, training and support to churches and leaders.

Denominations and regions can receive online access to each Church Life Profile in their region, to work with individual churches and guide them through a review and planning process, getting the most out of their results.

Regions can also use a Church Life Profile when placing a minister into a church, or in facilitating churches 'calling' their own minister.

In combination with a Community Social Profile, regions can plot and plan geographic changes, community needs and ministry capacities to best place into areas with particular characteristics eg new housing boom suburbs with young couples and families, ageing suburbs with high proportion of lone person households etc.


NCLS Regional Coordinators Guidelines

A Draft Guide for Denominations and Regions