Regional Coordinators order the 2011 National Church Life Survey for the parishes/churches of their region at http://my.ncls.org.au/.

Orders are stored on this site and may be amended until the order period closes (June 30, July 31 or August 31 depending on whether your denomination’s Survey is being conducted in September, October or November).

Local parishes/churches will usually order their 2011 National Church Life Survey through their Regional Coordinator. If a local church chooses to order directly from NCLS Research these orders will also appear on the region's my.ncls.org.au website orders page.

At the end of the ordering period NCLS Research will produce the 'packing lists' that form the basis for distribution of Survey Packs to each individual participating church. This will be repeated each month up to and including November 2011 in case there have been any late orders received.


NCLS Research will issue a detailed invoice to each participating region after the ordering period has closed. This is usually around the time the Survey Packs are sent to the participating churches. These detailed invoices will be sent direct to Regional Coordinators for payment, listing what each church has been sent and the cost. Regional Coordinators will recoup costs from their local parishes/churches and/or from their denomination as per whatever arrangements they have made between them.

If requested, NCLS Research will split a region's invoice into two parts: one invoice for 30% of the estimated final invoice dated and sent before June 30 (2010/2011 financial year) and the second invoice for the reconciled balance after the ordering period as outlined above (2011/2012 financial year). Splitting costs across calendar years is also an option.

A few regions have negotiated variations to this invoicing process with NCLS Research because of their special circumstances.