March 2011 Capital City Handouts

In February and March 2011, the NCLS team met with Regional Coordinators regarding the 2011 National Church Life Survey.

Making it happen:

In the first workshop, the NCLS team outlined logistics for taking part

  • Promotion: materials to inform and promote the 2011 NCLS to churches
  • Surveys: about the surveys that make up the 2011 NCLS
  • Timelines, discounts and agreements
  • the online method to check church details and place survey orders

2011 NCLS Draft Resources:

After the 2011 NCLS, each church will receive resources to help them process the surey results. The NCLS team presented some early draft resources for feedback.

  • the draft Church Life Profile and supporting resources including a church’s survey results
  • draft Leadership resources to encourage effective, sustainable and engaged leaders
  • draft Denominational resources including Denom Church Life Profile and online access

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