Overview of surveys available in the 2011 NCLS

The Standard Church Life Survey Pack

Title Description Who for? How much?
Attender Survey The main survey to be distributed to all church attenders 15 years and over.
NB: Attender surveys are available in languages other than English
All church attenders aged 15 and over $200 per church/parish plus $1 per attender survey ordered.
Leaders Survey A survey for leaders of the church e.g. minister, pastor, priest, ministry team leaders, elders, pastoral associates etc. Leaders in the local church Included free with standard pack
Operations Survey A survey about the operations and context of your church Senior leader of church administrator. Included free with standard pack

NCLS Plus: Optional Add-On Surveys

Title Description Who for? How much?
Children's Survey A paper survey to be completed at the same time as the Attender survey or during programs for children. 8-14 year olds.
(A minimum of 10 need to be returned to get results)
$1 per survey
Youth Survey An online survey addressing youth spirituality, and culture issues, while also evaluating existing church activities for youth. High school age church attenders, plus youth who have connection with the church. $50 for up to 100 online surveys.
Community Contacts Survey An online survey that looks at beliefs spirituality, hopes and needs of people in the local community who are connected to your church. Community members who have a connection to the local church. $50 for up to 100 online surveys.