What churches receive after the survey

Churches who participate in the survey receive a Church Life Pack of resources.

The draft proposal for what is included is:

  • a comprehensive Church Life Profile of their survey results
  • Enriching Church Life (2nd edition)
  • Workbook (including worksheets and planning workshops)
  • Lead With Your Strengths booklet

Sample Church Life Profile

The Church Life Profile is a comprehensive report of a church's survey results. It helps local churches reflect and review their ministry and mission.

  • It details the life of the church in the nine areas of church vitality (Faith growth, Worship, Sense of Belonging, Vision, empowering Leadership, being open to Innovation, acts of Service, Faith Sharing and Inclusion of those on the edges).
  • It outlines the church's unique strengths, shows how those strengths have grown or diminished and compares them to regional averages.
  • It names what attenders want to see their church focus on and what they value most in their parish.
  • It gives the proportion of newcomers and of young adult retention.
  • It lists attenders' key demographic data.


Sample Church Life Profile

A sample Church Life Profile based on the 2006 profiles.

Enriching Church Life (2nd edition)

Enriching Church Life (2nd edition) is a companion book to the Church Life Profile and gives the background of the research into Church vitality; the Core Qualities of health and vitality; and attendance patterns.


The Workbook contains practical planning processes for churches to get the most out of their Profile of results. It contains worksheets to help fully engage the Profile and workshop options for planning processes.

Lead With Your Strengths booklet

This easy to read booklet outlines the strengths that individuals have that can contribute to effective leadersigh in a community.

Online access to Profiles and resources

Churches will be able to access their Profiles online via the NCLS website. They will also have access to online resources including such things as introductory videos about the Church Life Profile and How to Engage your results; Power Point presentations; worksheets and workshop outlines.