About the surveys

The 2011 NCLS helps you to widen the circle of voices that are heard ...

• Survey your attenders (adults and children): capturing their discernments about vision, direction and areas for growth.

• Survey your leaders: inviting leaders to identify and grow their unique strengths, develop sustainable leadership practices and nurture their well being.

• Survey your community: listening to community members you connect with through the activities of your local church, canvassing their views on spirituality, their needs and hopes.

Participating local churches act as the host for each survey. Results are returned to the local church that has made the connections.

What will your local church learn?

You probably already know a lot about your church community. The Church Life Survey ask questions about things that perhaps are less often talked about.

For example, how many attenders: believe their faith has grown in the last 12 months? Don’t feel they belong? Are committed to the church’s vision? Think the church is open to try something new? Reach out and help people in informal ways? Have invited someone to church lately? What do they value about your church? What should get priority in the coming year?

  • Standard Survey Pack

    The 2011 Standard Survey includes the attenders survey, to listen to all attenders and grow church vitality; the leaders survey to build sustainability and effectiveness; and the operations survey to overview church activities and demographics.

  • NCLS Plus: Optional add-on surveys

    NCLS PLUS offers churches optional extras to include children, young people and local community contacts. Find out their views on church, their spirituality and beliefs. More...

  • Childrens Survey

    Survey children aged approx 8-14 who attend your church. Find out their views on spirituality and faith, their hopes and needs. More...

  • NEW Youth Plus Survey

    An on-line survey focusing on issues for young people connected to your church e.g. youth groups, high schools students. Find out their views, beliefs, values and perspectives on life. More...

  • NEW Community Contacts Survey

    Survey people from your local community who are in contact with your church, but don’t attend church e.g. playgroups, meals ministry, Mainly Music, visitation program. Find out their views on spirituality and faith, their hopes and needs. More...

  • Languages other than English

    The attender survey forms are available in a variety of languages. Protestant attender surveys are available in Tongan, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean. Catholic attender surveys are available in Italian and Vietnamese. More...