How and when to complete

The Children’s Survey:

  • is designed for children aged 8-14, who attend church regularly
  • is a paper survey form and takes around 20 minutes to complete
  • can be completed anytime during your survey month
  • can be completed alongside the adult Attender Survey during a church service, or in any children’s activity of spiritual nurture e.g. Sunday school, kids club, youth group.

The survey asks church attenders aged 8-14 about their experience of the church and their involvement in it. It is optional and confidential. Children can choose whether they want to do this survey.

If you have ordered Children’s Surveys they will be included in your Survey Pack along with Instructions and Confidentiality Envelopes for Collection.

An authorisation form is provided, to circulate to parents and guardians before the survey, outlining the purpose of the survey and giving them the option to decline participation.


Find your denomination’s survey month

Download a copy of the Children’s Survey instructions