Children's Survey Instructions

Before the Children’s Survey

1. Select the best time in your Survey month for your church.
2. Notify the children and parents at least one week in advance.
3. Distribute authorisation forms to parents/ guardians
4. Supply those leading the services/ activities with Children’s Survey forms and a copy of the Instructions and Church Code (see Survey Pack).
5. Plan to allow sufficient time for completion of the survey at each church service or activity, approximately 20 minutes.
6. Write the Church Code on the top right hand corner of each survey form.
7. Bring sufficient blue or black pens or lead pencils for all attenders.

During the Children’s Survey

1. Read out Children's Survey Instructions to the children (see Read Aloud Instructions).
2. Remind children that no one at church will read their answers. There are no right or wrong answers. The survey is asking them what they think of different topics.
3. Explain the meanings of any words that are unclear to a child. It is hoped that children will be able to read and understand the questions themselves, however they are allowed to ask an adult about anything that is unclear. Leaders can explain a question, particularly applying it to their own context eg.”Answer that question about Kids Zone because we don’t call it Sunday School here.”
4. Skip some questions with younger children if they are for an older age group.
5. Assist children with specific needs in completing the survey, including children with disabilities, with literacy or translation needs. The questions can be read aloud to them and an adult can record their answers for them if need be. Ethically, the answers need to come from the children themselves.
6. Collect all completed survey forms in the Confidential Collection Envelopes.
7. Safeguard confidentiality by sealing the Confidential Collection Envelopes and not reading attender responses.

After the Children’s Survey

1. Check that the Church Code has been written on the top right of each survey and that Questions 1,2 and 3 have been completed. (Please do not read the other responses).
2. Place the Confidential Collection Envelopes containing Children’s Surveys into the postpack along with all other completed survey forms for your church.
3. Post the package back as soon as possible to NCLS Research, PO Box 6080, Sydney Parcels BMLC, Chullora, NSW 2190.


Download a copy of the Children’s Survey instructions