Read Aloud Instructions

1. Read aloud from here:

“Today we’d like to ask you some questions about church. This is a special survey for people aged 8 to 14.

It is a chance for you to say what you think about your church services and activities for children.

There are no right or wrong answers– we want to hear what you think.

Don’t write your name on this survey. All of your answers are private. They should not be read by anyone else.

You don’t have to do this survey if you don’t want to.

To answer a question. Colour in the square next to your chosen answer.

If you don’t understand a question you can ask for help from your leader.

Some questions are for the older children. Your leader will tell you which questions to skip if they’re not for you.

Thank you.”

2. Allow children time to complete the survey then read the following:

“When you have finished please hand your survey in to your leader to place in the Confidential Collection Envelopes.”


Download a copy of the Read Aloud instructions for the Children’s Survey