Guidelines for Leaders

Check your Survey Pack

Inside your Survey Kit:

  • Children’s Survey Instructions - One copy
  • Children’s Survey Forms - Multiple copies as ordered
  • Authorisation Form - Please photocopy or email to parents/ guardians
  • Confidential Collection Envelopes - One envelope per 50 Children’s Surveys

Ensure there are enough survey forms for children aged 8-14. The survey forms cannot be photocopied as they will be electronically scanned. If you require more forms contact NCLS Research Please include your church’s name and code in your email.

Circulate authorisation form to parents

An Authorisation form is provided to inform parents of the purpose of the survey and to give them the option to decline participation. Circulate this to parents before the survey so they can return the form to you on the survey day.

Plan ahead

Organise pens, pencils and forms to be available on the day of your survey. Have copies of instructions for group leaders if necessary.

Use the NCLS Power Point slide provided to display the Church Code if children can copy the code accurately onto their survey forms. Otherwise write your Church Code on all Children’s Survey forms to retain accuracy.

Giving assistance during the survey

It is hoped that children will be able to read and understand the questions themselves, however they are allowed to ask an adult about the meaning of a word if it’s unclear. Leaders can explain the meaning of a question to a child particularly applying it to their own context eg.”Answer that question about Kids Club because we don’t call it Sunday School here.”

Protect confidentiality

As part of the 2011 National Church Life Survey, the Children’s Survey is confidential and optional.

Safeguard the confidentiality of children by placing all completed surveys into the Confidential Collection Envelopes and sealing them. Do not read attender responses.