You have been invited to take part in an NCLS Plus Survey. Thank you for being willing to do this survey.

NCLS Plus Surveys have not yet opened. We expect they will be open from mid September. Once they are open for response, they will remain open for 60 days from the starting date. The local church should have given you their unique ‘Survey Access Code’. You will be able to type this Code on this page. Thank you for your patience.

Examples of NCLS Plus Surveys include:

Youth Plus Survey: The aim of Youth Plus is to give young people connected to your church an opportunity to express the kinds of things they are concerned about in their lives, their beliefs and spirituality, as well as evaluate church youth activities. Click here for more information

Community Contacts Survey : This survey is designed for people who connect with a local church in some way e.g. playgroup, choirs, sports teams, meals ministry etc. but who do not attend church services regularly. Click here for more information .

More about NCLS Plus Surveys

Each NCLS Plus survey is hosted by a local church. While individual results remain anonymous and confidential, the results of the survey will help local churches better connect with young people in their community.

NCLS Plus is part of the 2011 National Church Life Survey. Thousands of local churches across Australia are taking part in this season of reflection on church life and health. Some have elected to add NCLS Plus to listen to a wider range of voices.

Your connection may be a relationship with someone who attends this church or being part of an activity linked to the church.

It is a chance to share your thoughts and experiences of your community and spirituality.

If you take part in an activity linked to the host church, then you are also invited to share your experience of this activity, service or facility. (Examples might be youth group, playgroups, recreational activities, welfare and justice activities, the parish school and so on).